Located in the historic Denver Country Club Neighborhood, Country Club Flower Shop is committed to sustainability, accessibility, and honoring the natural beauty found in flowers

Meet Emma!

The Owner and Founder of Country Club Flower Shop. Setting her sights on the historic country club neighborhood in the spring of 2023, Emma was driven by a desire to introduce chic and sustainable flowers to her community. With over a decade of experience in the floral and wedding industry, she embarked on this exciting new journey. Outside of her career, Emma finds joy in her roles as a wife and mother, cherishing quality time with her family both in Denver and Connecticut. An avid design enthusiast and passionate gardener, Emma's love for bespoke floral and garden design shines through in her work. She delights in sharing her expertise and teaching others about the artistry of floral and garden design.


We take an environmentally sustainable approach to our floral offerings and are 100% committed to offsetting our footprint.

We partner with local farmers and growers to seasonally source local, farm fresh flowers and locally grown plants.

We focus on recycling and reuse and will not work with materials in our floral arrangements that cannot be recycled; no floral foam, plastics, dyes or harsh chemicals. We also limit our paper usage and prioritize recycled materials in the wrapping and packaging of our offerings.

Fresh Floral


Our commitment to the Slow Flower Movement (local, seasonal, homegrown, specialty, artisanal, organic) is rooted in employing those fundamental practices and sharing them with our clients.

We offer Floral Design Classes, Kids Classes, Private Parties and In-Home Consultations as well as participating in speaking events. We love to share our knowledge with our community!


Natural Beauty

For us, nothing is more chic than natural beauty. We believe in providing you with the best and freshest floral that upholds our vision. Our flowers are seasonal, bringing unique and exciting options every time you visit us!

We believe flowers are natures gift and honor the variations in each bloom. To uphold our standards we have a specific policy on longevity and arrangement guarantees.